The Brands

Nino & friends – Simply Italian Taste

If we had to use three words to sum up brand they would be good, simple and tasty.

Good: the pursuit of goodness starts with the selection of excellent products that always bear the “Made in Italy” label, focussing especially on products from Campania region and the Sorrento peninsula.

Simple: we do not use preservatives or flavours enhancers in anything we produce. For us the simplicity and integrity of our products and the processes (be they in-house or external) are the cornerstone of everything we do.

Tasty: all our products embody the power of simplicity and a genuinely authentic taste that tells the story of the land in which it became a reality.

Limonoro liqueurs

This was the first family brand, launched in Sorrento twenty-five years ago. It is linked to the local production of Limoncello (a lemon liqueur) and to a wide range of liqueurs all exclusively obtained using traditional methods.

At the heart of the process is: the strict observance of production regulations; the meticulous selection of raw materials and the suppliers, who must embrace our philosophy when it comes to flavour.

Limonoro – Italian excellence

It’s the brand that identifies the products in the “bakery” range.

This sweet story began about twenty years ago when Ciro D’Esposito decided to add something extra to the production of handcrafted confectionery and to the history of the family business: Limoncello.

Then, as now, the processes consisted in the main of the production of: chocolate and biscuits and leavened products, all of which begin with the meticulous and painstaking selection of raw materials of the highest quality that are used in the preparation of the “elementary” recipes that are traditional, simple and healthy.


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