For decades our Limoncello Limonoro has been made from a careful and meticulous selection of the best lemons of Sorrento (“femminello” variety), untreated and grown in the area beneath the characteristic “pagliarelle” or straw mats.

The lemons, harvested in the early morning, reach the production facility in via San Cesareo where they are peeled only by hand and within two hours of their having been picked. This is in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics that are at the heart of producing a higher quality product which effectively preserves the original aroma of freshly picked lemons.

The freshly peeled lemon rinds are soaked in pure ethyl alchohol at 90°. The next step is to mix this semi-finished product with a syrup of sugar and water. This is followed by the filtering and bottling of our characteristic yellow liqueur which has an alcoholic content of 35% , a very decisive aroma and a truly exquisite taste.

Besides the Limoncello Limonoro, in our production facility in Sorrento, in via San Cesareo 49 you’ll also find:

  • Lemon Cream
  • Melon Cream (Meloncello)
  • Cocoa Cream
  • Orange, mandarin, liquorice and wild fennel flavoured liqueurs.

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