Jamaica Blue Mountain single origin coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain single origin coffee


The most famous variety of gourmet coffee in the world. It comes from crops planted on volcanic soil that reach 2000 meters above sea level. It’s cultivated in the higher regions of the island, called Blue Mountain. Here we find quality and attention in all the stages of production: from harvesting by hand which ensures the selection of only the red and ripe drupes and complex water processing, to the final selection. The precious green-blue beans are stored in traditional oak barrels, just like the precious rum of the Caribbean. When tasting this “Grand Cru” mixture, we find traces that recall the Caribbean rum, enriched with notes of vanilla, melted butter and fragrant notes of tobacco and chocolate. The main features that distinguish this mix are its completeness and balance.

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A selection of the finest “raw” coffee from around the world meets the Neapolitan artisan roasting technique. The result? A range of coffees with incredible aromas and flavours.


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